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Stone paving

Stone paving works have been accompanying the activity of our company for long. Years of practice in designing surfaces together with the choice of proper materials as well as the technical performing of stone paving works make it possible for me to present this branch as one of the best sides of my company.

In the project of developing a ground with greens, it is of great importance to place all routes properly. This will determine if we will be able to get around our ground in a comfortable and practical way. The surface on which we walk should be comfortable but we must not forget about its visual aspect which should also be pleasing.

Various factors influence the choice of the surface materials; for example: the kind of material on the outside part of the house, the colour of the house, type of the fence, stone in the garden, as well as price and the investor's liking. I can assure everybody who is interested that I guarantee a large choice of price and variety of stone material.

Below there are examples of routes in which stone was used: